Glass Panel Minute

  • G1000 Flight Plan Tips & Tricks

    The flight plan page on the G1000 is a very nifty tool – it can be as simple as point A to point B or as complex as airways, latitude/longitude waypoints and VNAV profile altitudes.  To get to the Flight Plane page, use the FPL button on your Garmin keypad or PFD/MFD. Creating a flight plan:  …

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  • Activate Leg on the Garmin G1000

    In a Garmin G1000 flight plan, there will always be waypoints.  Whether the pilot is flying directly from the departure airport to the destination airport, or a complicated IFR clearance with departures, victor airways, and arrivals is to be flown, something will always be in the flight plan.   Let’s focus on the complicated IFR …

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  • The Autopilot Scoreboard

    One of the most important habits to be in while flying with a glass panel, or any instrumentation that includes an autopilot, is the autopilot annunciations. I like to refer to it as the Autopilot Scoreboard. On the Garmin G1000/Perspective, the Autopilot Scoreboard is located at the top of the Primary Flight Display (PFD).  The GPS Scoreboard …

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