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Master glass panel avionics for your
Technically Advanced Aircraft and fly with confidence.

Expert Instruction
Increased Instrument Proficiency
Fly With Confidence

Finally, a next-level online pilot training platform.

Most private pilots still have knowledge gaps with their avionics after their initial flight training. 

When you’re not as proficient as you could be, an easy flight can become stressful quickly in unexpected scenarios. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With The Aviator’s Academy, you’ll receive specialized instruction on glass panel avionics that far exceed what a training school can provide.

advanced online pilot training courses

How you master your instrumentation:

Pilot Training

We have video-based, online pilot training courses designed to increase your instrument proficiency.


The courses consist of real-world scenarios with common external pressures.

IPC Ground School

In preparation for your IPC, these courses will grow you in your knowledge of the avionics system in your airplane.

We teach pilots of Technically Advanced Aircraft

  • IPC Ground School training
  • Pre-flight planning
  • Departure procedures
  • Amending your flight plan
  • Arrival procedures
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Diversion
  • Primary Flight Display failures
  • Approaches
  • Making decisions among external pressures
Pilot Training Instructors

We understand the pressures you face in the air.

We get it because we have sat next to hundreds of pilots providing expert, personalized, owner/pilot instruction since 2014 at Texas Top Aviation.

With over 8000 hours of instruction given in Technically Advanced Aircraft and over 13,000 hours in total flight time, The Aviator’s Academy instructors are qualified to fly and instruct most single-engine aircraft to a level that far exceeds what a flight school can provide.

Nowhere else can you get this level of glass panel online instruction for Technically Advanced Aircraft.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to gain proficiency in your aircraft.

  1. Find a course:
    Enroll in the courses you need to take your skill to the next level.
  2. Master Key Skills:
    You’ll receive expert, specialized training for your glass-panel avionics.
  3. Fly With Confidence:
    Mastering your glass-panel isn’t impossible. You just need a guide.

An advanced online pilot training experience.

The Aviator’s Academy is a fantastic ground school series specializing in glass cockpit training. It’s exciting to have a resource that gives expert instruction geared specifically to the technologically advanced aircraft and based on real life scenarios. I would highly recommend it to any pilot working on instrument rating, transitioning to glass cockpit or just wanting to broaden his or her skills.

Casey McKee
CFI/CFII in Yoakum, TX

I have over 75 hours in my Columbia 400 and wish I had this course from the beginning. The course uses clear G1000 knob/buttonology in each of the segments of the flight while also doing a great job of integrating Foreflight. The course includes key IFR items including changes in routing, expected approaches, and experiencing abnormalities. This course was beneficial for me and my Garmin G1000 usage.

Barry Shelton
Columbia 400 Owner, TX

I have about 4500 hours total time and 3 years experience with G1000/2000/3000 equipment. I have taken other refresher classes for the G1000 and none compare to what Hank and his team have put together. After 36 years of flying, there is always something to learn. Be on your game with this course as it will challenge your knowledge. Kudos to Hank and the team. I look forward to the upcoming classes.

H Brooks
Piper Meridian G1000 NXi, TX

Expert glass panel flight training is hard to find.

That’s why The Aviator’s Academy offers online pilot training courses with real-life scenarios using glass panel avionics.

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You’ll gain more confidence in the air and be equipped with better aeronautical decision-making skills after learning from the best online pilot training programs in the business.