Garmin G1000 Proficiency Course

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Quick Facts
  • On-demand access to scenario-based video instruction
  • Featuring Garmin Perspective/G1000 instrumentation with extensive use of Foreflight
  • Full IFR flight from San Antonio, TX to Fort Worth, TX and back
  • A real-life scenario flight with built-in external pressues
  • Run time of 1 hour and 40 minutes
Expert online glass panel training for Garmin Perspective/G1000

With this scenario-based IFR flight, with real-time ATC calls, you will experience increased instrument proficiency, allowing you to better understand your glass panel avionics.


You have the biggest meeting of the year scheduled 200 miles away. The weather forecast is below your personal minimums. You have pressure from your boss and yourself to get to this meeting. There are multiple red flags showing up as you go through your pre-flight planning, but this meeting has to happen. How do you get there? What is the best way to get the safest outcome and still make the sale?

Course Outline
  • Chapter 1: Pre-Flight Planning and External Pressures
  • Chapter 2: Departure from San Antonio (SID)
  • Chapter 3: Enroute
  • Chapter 4: Arrival into Ft. Worth (STAR)
  • Chapter 5: Approach into Ft. Worth Meachum (RNAV 34 KFTW via Vectors)
  • Chapter 6: What to do with the Abnormal
  • Chapter 7: G1000 Failures and Approach into San Antonio (VOR 32 KSSF via SSF)

Let The Aviator’s Academy instructors show you how to handle those external pressures when get-there-itis rears its ugly head in our pre-flight planning chapter. Then, in the ensuing chapters, learn how to properly utilize the Garmin G1000 to complete an IFR flight between San Antonio, TX and Ft. Worth, TX, taking all the different ATC routing in stride. See how to integrate ForeFlight in all phases of planning and flight. Learn from the experts to gain proficiency in your Garmin G1000 usage to be able to fly with confidence.

About Your Instructors

We understand the pressures you face in the air.

We get it because we have sat next to hundreds of pilots providing expert, personalized, owner/pilot instruction since 2014 at Texas Top Aviation.

With over 8000 hours of instruction given in Technically Advanced Aircraft and over 15,000 hours in total flight time, The Aviator’s Academy instructors are qualified to fly and instruct most single-engine aircraft to a level that far exceeds what a flight school can provide.

The content for this course was developed after 3000+ hours of flight-training instruction on the Garmin Perspective/G1000.  We took the most commonly asked questions from pilots during IFR flights, built out scenarios to put them into practice, with external pressures in place, all designed to improve not only your instrument proficiency, but also your aeronautical decision-making skills.